Drafting of Financial Statements and Budget Analysis

The firm provides consultancy and assistance for the preparation of financial statements and consolidated financial statements compliant with the provisions of the Civil Code integrated by the National Accounting Principles (O.I.C.) and  those International (I.A.S. - I.F.R.S.).

Given the particular importance of the information provided by the separate and consolidated financial statements, particular attention is paid to the preparation and processing of data, to the assessment of assets and liabilities, to the calculation of the relevant taxes and to the preparation of the Explanatory Notes and, where necessary, the Management Report and Cash Flow Statement.

Upon the request of the clients, financial statements are prepared with the aim of verifying company performance and the persistence of situations of financial, equity and economic equilibrium through the calculation of solvency, capital solidity and profitability ratios, as well as through the construction of periodic financial reports to demonstrate the company's ability to generate cash flows.